Far Out @ Great Salt Lake, Utah

Scott was born in St. George, Utah but grew up in Kearns, Utah. As a child, Scott loved science including astronomy, meteorology, and geology. You could say Scott was a science geek and he would take that as a compliment. Scott was always interested in photography from a young age and bought his first camera while serving in the Navy. He was traveling the world in the Navy and wanted to capture the things he saw on his world adventures. He bought a Minolta 7000i camera, started snapping photos, and was hooked. Scott attended college and majored in photography. Scott later became a graphic designer and had the opportunity to learn about color spaces and used his visual talent to create many marketing artifacts. The graphic designer skill made learning Adobe products like Photoshop and Lightroom a breeze. He utilizes these tools to enhance and add visual touches to photographs making them more amazing. Although he has traveled a lot, he finds great enjoyment photographing Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake. He has captured many sunsets and amazing photographs from these areas. He is an award winning landscape photographer. Scott is passionate about shooting storms. Although he prefers not to be called a “storm chaser” but rather a “storm photographer,” he still risks everything to get a photograph of lightning. Typically, the scenario is 40-50mph winds, clouds that are dark, angry and dumping rain, sounds of massive thunder and crackling lightning. His hair will be full of static electricity with strikes of lightning too close for most people’s comfort. By being able to photograph mother nature at her most volatile state, Scott realizes a profound fulfillment of his passions for meteorology, photography, and adrenaline. He has immense respect for mother nature. Because mother nature could strike and Scott would be no more on this earth. Scott currently shoots with a Canon 6D and his work can be viewed at rustlingleafdesign.com. He is a very friendly guy and always welcomes you to follow his work on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can contact Scott by telephone ((801) 613-8134), email scott@rustlingleafdesign.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You are welcome to join his Facebook group Saturday Night Photography where we explore the Great Salt Lake shorelines