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refueling wing 154 seconds 15e 15th 164783 yj51 171st 18e 1943 beech rc45j 1952 buick super riviera 1of365 1st 2.6.14 20 second at the great salt lake 2008 formal rededication of the people's house 2017 bolts behind stansbury island 2017 extreme blue thunder air show 21 shots 22nd 25j 2659black 2790a 27th 28th 29 exposures waiting for lightning 2nd 2of365 3 towers 3.2 million pounds of thrust 3.25 3.7 l v6 30 seconds 310 to kennecott 34th fighter squadron 35a 366fw 388th fighter wing 389fs 3g 3of365 4 o'clock 4 o'clock flowers 4.3.16 49th wg 4th 5 balls 5.9.14 5000 year old 52 of my 365 project 52nd test 53e 552d air control wing 57 shot hdr 59 seconds 59 seconds 10 stop nd 5d 6 angels 6 angels and an osprey 6 stop nd filter 6.28.13 64d 7.23.13 750j 7d 7th 8.26.14 8.7 88 1707 9 mile panel 911 desert storm a boat named sunset a day to remember a defining instant in our lives when we are changed forever. a diamond in the rough a fleet of drift wood a gulp of cormorants a journey begins a little board a mighty fire a storm is coming a touch of gold a10 a10 thunderbolt ii a109 a109sp a1e a1e skyraider a4c aaron abandoned about above above the junk above the saly clouds absentminded abyss abyss of clouds academy aces across the sky activity actually added ado adobe adventurer adventurer of the red waters adventures adversary training aerial aerial firefighting aerial tanker aero l39 aero l39 albatros aerobatic aerospace aerospace museum of california afar affair after the storm against against a crooked sky aggressor agusta agustawestland agustawestland aw109 ah64 ah64 apache ah64 apache out for a sunset stroll ah64d ah64d apache longbow ahead air air ambulance air ballon air burst air force air force osprey air force week air med air port air port fox air show aircraft airlines airmed airmed eurocopter ec145 airmed lightpainting airmed twilight last gleaming airplane airport airport 2 airshow airwolf albatros albian basin albion albion basin albion basin flowers albion basin sunset alien alien landscape from above alight alive alkali alkali flats alkali soil all a glow all i got all kinds of ripples all me all most all that is all the way all the way across the sky all year alliant techsystems allowed almost almost all the way almost hit the ground almost twins alone alone at dusk along along the creek along the river along the trail alpha alpine alpine storm alta alta powerhouse altar alter aluminum aluminum overcast amber amber waves amber waves of cheatgrass ambulance america america's america's dead sea american american avocet american fork boat harbor american fork canyon americas americas red sea amf amphitheater amy caron an124 an124n antonov anakin analog anasq228 ancient angel angelhair angels angry angry orb angry zeus another another brick in the wall another world another time antelope antelope crossing antelope island antelope island small planet antelope island sunset antelope island sunset and lightpainting antelope island sunset at buffalo point antonov antonov 124 antonov design bureau any apache apache ah64 apache and chinook apaches apart apgar village apocalypse apple appreciate appreciate the moment until it's passed approaching approaching storm approaching storm 9.24.13 april april 4th great salt lake sunset arc arch archaeological site archaeology arches arches national park arches national park park avenue archive are area ariana arizona arizona wing of the commemorative air force arm armstrong army army national guard around arrival arrived arrogant innocence arrowleaf arrowleaf balsamroot art artemisia tridentata artist point arts as19 asgard asgard attacking ogden ash aspen aspen forest aspen forest blur aspen gold aspirations asq assault assimilating assimilation asteroid asteroid landed softly astro astronomical astronomy atk atk srb test firing atmosphere atmospheric atomic bomb attacking atv audubon august aurora autumn autumn colors autumn spotlight avalanche avenger avenue aviation aw109 aw109sp awake aware away b1 b17 b17 aluminum overcast b17 bomber b17g b1b b1b lancer b2 b2 spirit b25 b25 mitchell b25j mitchell b47 b52 b52 cleavage babies baby baby cool your jets bacchus bacchus highway back bone backyard backyard photography bad balanced balanced rock balboa park bald ball balloon balloons balls balsamhoriza sagittata balsamorhiza sagittata balsamroot bambi bambie band bands banisher banisher of the far darkness bar barn bars basalt rocks base basin batch bath time bathed baths battalion battered battered pier batteries batteries recharged battery battle battle in the mutara nebula bay bay bridge bbw bcnp be different be different in a blue world beach beached beachfront beams bear ears beast beat beautiful beautiful apache ah64d beautiful death beautiful lines beautiful sight become becoming bed bee beechcraft been before beginning beginnings begins behind being believe bell bellagio belle bellied bells bells canyon belly belly of bryce belonging below belt of venus belt supergroup bend beneath better better everyday between beyond biblical big 6 big beautiful bird big beautiful c17 big bush big cottonwood big cottonwood canyon big cottonwood canyon fall colors big cottonwood canyon fall colors reality big cottonwood creek big creek wasatchcache national forest big dipper big flock of pigeons at the great salt lake big post big sagebrush big spring canyon bigger bike biplane biplane roll bird bird tracks birds birth birthday bison bit bite black black and white black pool black rock black rock and storm black rock bathed in golden sunset light black rock beach sunset black rock posts at sunset black rock sunset black rock sunset 1 10 14 black white blackandwhite blackbird blackhawk blackrock blackrockblackand blacktop blanco y negro blast blast from the past bleeding bleeding hearts bliss blm blocks blood blood draw blood moon bloom blooms blossom blossoms blow blowing blowing grass blowing in the wind blown blue blue and gold blue angels blue angels and red rock blue band blue brothers blue canoe blue hour blue hour and city lights blue hour discord blue hour lightning blue times blue with fading light blue world blues blur blush board boat boats bodies of water body boeing boeing b17 boeing b17 flying fortress boeing b1b lancer boeing b47 stratojet boeing b52 stratofortress boeing c17 globemaster iii boeing ch47 chinook boeing fa18ef super hornet boeing kc135e stratotanker boeing pt17 bogey boise bee bold voyager bolt bolt strike bolts bomb bomber bone bonneville bonneville buick bonneville salt flats bonneville shoreline preserve small planet bonneville shoreline trail bonneville speed week boo boom boom goes the dynamite boost bopp borg boston strong boulder bountiful bouquet bouy bowling ball box box elder county boxes brandy brave brb brca break break in the storm breaking breaking storm breath breathing breezy breezy great salt lake brewing brick bricks bridal bridal vale falls bridal veil falls bridal veil falls utah bride bridge bridger bay bridger bay antelope island utah bright brightness brighton brine fly brine shrimp bring bristlecone bristlecone pine tree broadway broadway center broken broken fence broken ford broomrape brothers brush bryce bryce canyon bryce canyon national park bryce icon bryce point buck buckey buckeye buff buff hill air force base buffalo buffalo point bugs buick buick super riviera build build ram tough building building storm bump bunch bunny buno 162310 buoy burmester burmester detail 1 burmester posts burmester ruins burn burn you alive burned burnester burning burning bush burning the salt burnt burnt valley burst bursts bush bush and sandstone bush knew bust bust a move but but was not. butt butt stuff butte butterfield butterfield canyon butterfield canyon lightning storm butterfield canyon lightning strike butterfield strike butterfly buy me a beer buymeabeer buzz bw bw hdr c121 c124c c124c globemaster ii c124c globemaster ii u3a blue canoe hill air force base c130 c17 c2011 l4 c45 c5 c5 galaxy cabrillo national monument cactus cairn cali california california poppies call called calochortus nuttallii calypso camera camp camp williams fire camp williams fire 6.28.13 camper camping can cancer candid cannon canon canon 6d canon 7d canon xt cant canyon canyon land canyonlands canyonlands national park cap capital capitol captive captured carbon county cardiff cardiff fork cardiff fork big cottonwood canyon care cargo carp carrington island carson cascade cascade springs cascades castilleja castle castles castles in the sand cat cat mint caterpillar caterpillar el240 hydraulic excavator caterpillar el300b caught causway cave cd cover cecret ceder ceder wax wing cells cemetery center centering cessna cgn9 ch47 ch47 chinook ch53e challenge chance meeting chanel change change is coming changing channel chaos charge chase chased cheat cheat grass cheatgrass chemical cherry chevrolet childhood chinese chinese pavilion chinese pavilion at stowe lake san francisco chinese peace pagoda chinook chinook ch47 choo choo choo chopper christmas christmas tree burn chrysothamnus chupacabra chupacabra tracks church chute cinestar circle citations city city and county building city creek city creek canyon claret claret cup claret cup cactus classic clear clearing clearing storm clearly clemente cliff gull cliff'sedge clone clones cloud cloud gradient july 22nd sunset cloud to ground clouds cloudscape cloudy cloudy mineral basin clusters clusters of information coarse coast coastal coastal defence coffee cold cold air cold and foggy cold day on the wasatch collective collectively launching 38 missions color colorado colorado plateau colorado railroad museum colorful colors colors of fall colors of spring colors of summer colors of summer. columbine columbus columbus consolidated mining company combat search and rescue helicopter come comes comet comet c2011 l4 panstarrs comet halebopp coming coming in louder than words commander common communication companions company complex composite compressor concentrate confluence consolidated constellation constellations contrast contrasting control convection cool cool clouds this morning copper copper point cormorant cormorants corner corner canyon corps corral corsair cosmic cosmic rupture cottoncandy cottonwood country county courage court court of the 7 patriarchs courthouse cover covered cow skull crab crabby crack crack its a hell of a thing cracked cracked green egg cracked night crackle cracks crain crane crap crap thats big crashing crazy cream creation creek creek' creeper creeping crepuscular rays crocus crooked crop crop frame cross cross of change crossing crossing the galactic plane crowd crud cruise missile crust crusty cry crystals cu free cube cumulonimbus cup curtains curtiss curtiss p40 warhawk curve cv22b cyotie d dad daddy daddy canyon daddy canyon complex daffodil dagger dakota's dam damage dance dang danger dark dark alley dark sand dark souls creeping darkness dart dawn daybreak days dead dead end dead goblin dead wood deadwood deadwood color dear death death ridge debris december deck declines decomposing decon deep deep salt deer deere defence defender defender of the pot of gold defenders degn delight dell delle delta delta utah dendritic dendritic erosion department departure depressing deseret deseret peak desert desert lupine albion basin desert storm design desire desolation desolation marker destiny detached detail devil's devil's kitchen devils devils garden devils playground devoted devoted magic devotion devotion of sky diamond diamonds didn't didnt died diego difference different dig dig dig dig digital digital painting dimensionality dimple dell park dipper dirty discharge discord discordant dist distance divided dock dock of the bay dodge does dog dog fighters doing dolomite dome don't don't go chasin' waterfalls donner summit donner summit road dont dont fence me in dont forget doozy double double arch double arch at twilight double rainbow douglas douglas a1 skyraider dougway down low down pour down town downtown dozens dozer dragon dragonfly draniage draper draper city park lights dream dream big dream's dream's edge dreamer dreamer's dreaming dreaming of pink dreaming of salt dreaming of space dreams dreams are hopeless aspirations in hopes of coming true dreams of a great salt lake dreams shard dreamy drgw drgw 5771 dri drift drift wood drifting driftwood drink drive drop dry dry creek canyon dry spring grass drying dslr duality duchesne duck duck and the lds temple duck at the temple enjoying the lights ducks dugway dump dumpfire dumps dunes duotone during dusk dust dust storm dusty dusty great salt lake duty dxo dying dying storm dynamite e3 e3 sentry eagle eagle mountain eagle mountain alight eagle mountain fire early early fall storm earth earthquake earthwork east east canyon dam east millcreek easter bunny ebbs ec121d ec145 eclipse edge edge of danger edge of nothing edge of the abyss effect egg egg island eggs egret egyptian el240 electric electrical electrical storm electricity electro electrooptical viewing system element element 11 elephants elk elk meadow elwire emd f9 emery empire enchanted encrusted endless endorheic endorheic fix energizer engine engineer enjoying ent enter enter the machine enthusiastic enthusiastic madness entrance entwined environment envy eos epic equalibrium ernie erosion erythronium grandiflorum escape ethereal ethereal light eurocopter eurocopter as350 eurocopter ec145 eurocopter uh72 lakota evaporation evening evening before the storm event every every day everyone everyone jump everywhere excavator exchange expansion expansion of love expectations explain exploration explorer explosion exposures express expression extension extreme extremophiles extremophiles and rainbow eye in the sky eyes f 16 falcon f100 f105d f105d thunderchief f117 f117 nighthawk f14 f15 f15c f15e f16 f16 and p51 f16 falcon f18 f2.8 f22 f22 raptor f35 f35a f35a lightning ii f4 f4 phantom f414 f4u fa18 hornet fa18ef fa22 raptor face face in the rock faced factory fading fading to cream fair falcon falcon ridge falcons fall fall colors fall colors at the great salt lake fall colors fantasy fall colors have arrived in big cottonwood canyon fall colors red butte fall colors silver lake fall colors wrathall pass fall in fall fall in little cottonwood canyon fall in the wasatch fall in utah fall is here fall is just around the corner fall spot light fall storm fall sunset fall sunset great salt lake fallen fallen defenders fallen goblin falling falling down falling into blue falling stream falling water falls false family fandango fantastical fantastical supermoon fantasy fantasy moonrise far farm farmington farmington bay farnsworth farnsworth peak farnsworth peak upward lightning fashion father faust faust hopper fav1 fav10 fav11 fav12 fav14 fav15 fav2 fav3 fav4 fav5 fav6 fav7 fav8 fav9 favorite fearless feather february 25 fedex fedex digital painting feed feel fell fence fence post fence to nowhere fest festival field fight fighter fighter generations fighter squadron composite vfc13 saints fighters fighting fighting falcon fightning file019 fill fill dump filled filling film fine finearts fins fire fire and ice fire and salt fire cloud fire fighter fire truck fireworks first picture at gsl fish fishing fit five fix or repair daily fixer fixer upper flake flame flame of flames flame's flames flamingo flash flash back flash light flash of lightning and stopped raindrops flats flavored fleet flicker flickr flickr meet flight flights of fancy flightsoffancy flip float floats flock flood flooding flow flower flowering flowering columbine flowers flowers plants flowing flowing water fluffy fly fly over flyby flying flying fortress foam fog fog and dry creek canyon fog at utah's little grand canyon fog. hdr foggy foggy sunset foggy sunset great salt lake follow fonder foot foot print foot prints in the sand foothills foothills of the wasatch mountains footprints footsoaker for each of us there comes a moment force ford ford super duty forest forest service forever forget forgotten forgotten evaporation fork formal formation formations fortress fotogs found found bottle foundations fountains fountains of fire four fourlane foursegment fox foxes fractalius frame frame filling lightning francisco franciso free freeflowing intensity freezing freezing air fremont friday friday 5.9.14 friday night fotogs friday night fotogs 12.22.12 friend friendly friends from my back yard april 7th 2014 from out of the blue from the darkness from the past front yard photography frontroom frost frosty frosty snow frozen full full frame full lunar eclipse full moon full moon rising full of monkeys full of monkies fun funny fury galactic galactic center galactic central point galaxy gallivan gallivan center game game of rocks games ganesha garden gas gate gateway gathering gathering storm gau8 gau8 avenger gear general general dynamics general dynamics f16 fighting falcon general electric f414 compressor general motors generations generic george geothermal geothermal features get get down tonight get out side get up and go gets getting geyser ghost ghost in the hall ghost train gift gifts giggidy gillespies gimme gimme some lovin' girl gives glacial moraines glacier glacier national park glass gleaming globemaster globemaster ii globemaster iii glory glow glowing glowing grass glowing lake gnarly goblin goblin valley goblins god god rays goes going going the distance going with the flow goingtothesun goingtothesun road gold golden golden altar golden curtains golden eagle golden egg golden gate golden gate bridge golden rites goldengate golf golf course gone good good bye goodbye goodbye sun gorge gossips got government grabber gradient grand grand canyon grand canyon of the yellowstone grand county grand entrance grandpa granite granite park grape graphic grass grass and stone grasshopper grave gravity gravity gone crazy gravity waves grayscale great great basin great basin national park great blue heron great salt lake great salt lake black rock sunset great salt lake cloudscape great salt lake effect storm rolling across the valley great salt lake fall colors great salt lake forest great salt lake hazy shade of winter great salt lake light painting great salt lake lightning great salt lake marina great salt lake mud flats great salt lake playa great salt lake pools great salt lake posts great salt lake posts saltair great salt lake ripples great salt lake rocks great salt lake salty ripples great salt lake shorelands preserve great salt lake shoreline great salt lake storm great salt lake storm clouds great salt lake stromatolites great salt lake summer lightning storm great salt lake summer storm great salt lake sunset great salt lake sunset 1 9 14 great salt lake sunset 32013 great salt lake utah great salt lake wonders great salty summer storm great spot to shoot thunderstorms greatsaltlake green green river green river overlook green river overlook sunburst green salt green salt great salt lake utah green water greenish grid grip groom ground group grunge grunge lightning gsl guam guard guardian guardsman guardsman pass guardsman pass lightning guardsman pass quaking aspen guess guide guide my way guilty gulp gun guns gurevich guy hale halebopp hall halloween halo hammer hanging happey valley happiness happy happy halloween happy sand bar happy valley happy yuletide harbor hard hardware ranch harsh harvest hatt haunted haunted mill have having having a ball hawk hazard haze haze and ripples hazy hazy shade of fall hazy shade of winter hdr hdr of sunset beach hdri head heading heading out healer healing healing dream healing view health hear heart heart of the jetty heart of twilight hearts heat heaven heaven earth heavy heber heck helicopter helicopters hello hello darkness my old friend helo help me hercules here here's here's looking at you heresy heritage heritage flight heritage flight composite heron herriman hh60 hidden hidden valley high high court high iso high speed high speed pass high water high water 2012 highexplosive highwater hike hill hill aerospace museum hill afb hill air force base hill. him historic historic lighthouse historic lighthouse point loma historical history hit hitting hmh465 ho hogle zoo hold holding holding on for dear life hole holidays holley holley stringham holloman air force base holotype holotype sculpture home honda honda fit honor hoodoos hope hopeless hopes hopper horizon horizons horizontal ground test firing horned hornet hornet. horse horses horses doing horse things hot hot air hot air ballon hot air balloon hotel del coronado hoth hour house hover dam how howie hue hue of pink huey human being humble humble beginnings hunch hunt hunter huntington beach huntington beach california huntington beach oil field huntsman huntsman cancer hospital hustler hustler of pink light hyacinth hydraulic excavator hydrocodone i believe i can touch the sky i like lichen i love hook i love ripples i love spring i must say i really really love ripples i need a beer i see you i wonder i wonder what the passengers thought of this strike i'm i'm talking to you come on ibis ice ice castle ice ice baby ice is back at black rock ice light pillars ice planet icewater icon icon of burmester idaho if i sing a song will you sing along ignition ihc ihc health services inc iiii ill illusion images impact imperial beach in blue in loving memory in the dumps in the forest inbetween world incident indian indian paintbrush information infused inland inland sea inland sea shore innocent innocent salt movements inside inside glow intensity interesting intermountain intermountain life flight intermountain liife flight international international 7400 international space station into into a corner into the abyss into the great beyond intuition intuition transforms the expansion of brightness invasion invasion from the mist invictus iosepa ipad ipad mini iris island island all a bloom island in the sky islands isolated isolated incident isolated thunderstorms iss issued it was a doozy it was an angry sky it's its its big enough for all j type january 4 jay jeep jeep liberty jeff brock jeff brock' jeff brock's 1952 buick super riviera jesus jesus saves jet jets jetty jeweled jeweled sand jiggling whispers john john deere john deere dozer 750j john deere model 840 jordan jordan river jordan spreader journey joy jsf july jump jumper junipers just just a bunch of rocks just a stick in the mud just a sunset at the great salt lake just above water just before the dark just something i do kabammmmm karen kc130t kc135 kc135e kearns keep kelby kennecott kennecott and full moon kennecott copper and lightning kennecott utah kennecott utah copper kids kill killer whale kim kim and howie kind kinds kiss kiss the sky kissed kit kitchen knife knife edge knob knolls know knowledge kodak komatsu komatsu and mack kootenai kootenai falls kootenai river korean war ksl la sal mountains lab labor lady lady of double peace lake lake boats rusted lake bonneville lake effect storm lake mcdonald lake point lake side lakebottom lakeeffect lakeside lakeside butte lakeside mountains lakeside rail road bridge lakeside summer storm lakeside utah lakeside wooden photoshoot lakota lancer land land of salt landed landing landmark landscape landscape arch lantern lantern festival lap lapp large and juciy largo las las vegas laser last last abyss last kiss last light last light on bryce point last nights full moon. last nights storm clouds. last rays last time together last years thistle lasting late late spring storm late summer rose late summer storm late summer storm 91713 late upper cretaceous later laughing spirit layers layin ldr lds lds salt lake temple lds temple and river of light leader leaders leaf leap of faith least led ledge ledge geyser lee lee creek lee creek and the wasatch front lee creek area lee creek great salt lake left left behind less let let it go let there be light letting letting off steam levels libby liberator liberator of the false spirits liberty lichen lick me lies life life declines life flight life guard lifeguard lift lift off lifter light light and shadow light from darkness light painting light pollution light polution lighted lighthouse lighting lighting the way lightning lightning breath lightning caused. south willow canyon lightning guardsman pass lightning hitting snow lightning ii lightning over salt lake city lightning storm lightning storm 8.28.13 lightning storm over the great salt lake lightning strike lightning strikes lightningstorm lightpainting lightroom lights lights and mud lights's lightsacademy like lilies lilium lily lily family lime lindon line lined lines little breezy little cottnwood canyon little cottonwood little cottonwood canyon little cottonwood creek little crabby little dell reservoir little grand canyon little pile of salt little spot light little spring canyon little valley harbor little valley harbor boat house little valley harbor dock little valley harbor vert 0 pano 1 dock little waves little witch living living in a blue world living planet aquarium llong exposure loaded lobos lockheed lockheed c121 constellation lockheed c5 galaxy lockheed ec121d lockheed ec121d warning star lockheed f117 nighthawk lockheed martin lockheed martin f22 raptor lockheed martin f35a lightning ii lockheed p3 orion lockheed sr71 blackbird lockheed t33 shooting star lofi lofi great salt lake effect log loma lone lone peak lone peak and bells canyon getting a smack down lone peak cirque lone tree lonely lonely stick long long exosure long exposure longbeach longbow look look at me look paris hilton looking looking down big cottonwood canyon looking down pine canyon towards heber utah looking into little spring canyon looking up looks looks like a nice place to sit and think loop lortab loss lost lost in the majesty lost my way lots lots of dead birds louder love love affair with a dead sea love is grand love it love the grandma lovin' loving low low angle lower lower ebbs fire lower geyser basin lr_thefader lucin cutoff luna dog lunar lunar eclipse lunar eclipse and super moon lupine lynx m61 vulcan machine mack macro madness magenta magic magic kiss of light magical magnificent magpie maid maid in the shade main main street main street salt lake city majesty make make that dream become a reality makes mall mammatus mammatus at twilight mammatus clouds man manifesto manifesto creation marblehead marblehead lightpainting marblehead mountain marblehead sunset marches marina marina wave break marine marine corps marine corps air station el toro marine corps air station miramar marine heavy helicopter squadron 465 marine medium tiltrotor squadron 161 marine medium tiltrotor squadron 161 vmm161 marines maritime marker marks mars martin marvell smith master maverick may may flowers mcchord c17 mcdonnell mcdonnell douglas mcdonnell douglas a4c skyhawk mcdonnell douglas f15e strike eagle mcdonnell douglas f4 phantom ii mcdonnell douglas fa18 hornet mcdonnell douglas md11 md11 me me and the sky me at the north window mean medical meditation meditation chapel medusozoa melt melt in to it melting memorial memorial day storm memories memory memory grove memory's memphis memphis belle memphis belle b17 bomber mercer canyon fire mercury mesa mesa arch mesa arch glow mesa arch sunrise mesa arch twilight metal meteorology meteors metrolink metrolink at san clemente mh47 mh47 chinook mh47 special operations mh53 mh60 pave hawk mi17 microburst midas midas creek silos midday midway midway ice castle midway ice castles midway ice castles and an orb midway reservoir midway reservoir fall colors mig mig 15 mig 17 mig17 mighty mike mikoyan mikoyangurevich mikoyangurevich mig17 mil mile miles military milk milky milky way milky way caught fire last night milkyway mill millard millard co draniage dist. no. 3 millard co. drainage dist mind mind control mine mineral mineral basin mineral basin express mining miraculous miraculous waters mirror mirror lake miss missed missed it by that much missing missing beginning missing the ocean mist misty misty serpent misty silk mitchell mixed mjolnir moab model model 299 model 840 model ariana and shane moderate hike modest modest expectations monday money shot monkeys monochrome monsoon monster montana month moon moon and thistle moon beams moon light moon rise and storm moon rock moonbow moonbow and lightning moonlight moonlight hike moonrise moonset moose more morgan mormon mormon cricket mormon temple morning mortality moseley mosquito moss most mother's mothership motion motion of the wind motionless motionless happiness mount mount nebo mount nebo scenic byway mount olympus mount timpanogos mountain mountain goat mountains mountan mountian move move it movement movements moving moving ent at the great salt lake much mud mud flats mud ripples muddy multirole fighter murmurations murmurations of starlings murray murry park museum music must mustang mustang and raptor mutara mv22 mv22 osprey my 365 project my blue world my kind of desolation my little orb at the ice castles my other home my silent soul my stone stacking my view mystical mystical big cottonwood creek n2s n2s stearman n4207 n4503e n75480 name named nanchang nanchang cj6a narcissus nas fallon nasa nascar nasty nasty air nasty storm great salt lake national national forest national park national parks natural nature nature conservancy navajo navajo trail navy near nebo nebo loop nebula needles needles district needs neil nervous nevada never never forget never reaching the end new blacktop new hope new saltair new years new years day 2011 new years eve nice nigh night night at the museum paranormal tour night stalkers night's night's pirates nighthawk nights nighttime nine nine mile canyon no bugs no edit no flowers no really no smoke nononononono nononononono crud its muddy nooooooooooooooooo noooooooope noreally norris geyser basin north north american north american b25 mitchell north american t2 buckeye north arm north of saltair north shore north uttr north wall north wall of the north window north window northern northern arm from lakeside northern utah creative group northern utah storm northrop northrop f5 northrop sm62 snark nose not not of this earth not. notes nothing nothing is forever november now now and forever nowhere nps nucg nude number number 3 number 6 and shock diamonds number 7 nuts nx717mg object oblivion observations obsession obsession with the sky ocean ocean beach ocean beach san diego off duty office ogden ogden and its late summer storm ogden glow oh bouy oh deere ohhhh oil oil exploration oil exploration at rozel point great salt lake olaf old bike track old camp site old f o r d old fence line old ford old glory and lone peak old green eyes old piers old sage old saltair old school stealth old wood oliver oliver and brandy you suck olympus omg omg that is large omz on crack on earth as in heaven on the other side on the way to egg island once once upon a time one one a day one down one to go one track only oops optical oquirrh oquirrh mountain storm oquirrh mountains oquirrhs orange orange county orange county california orb orbit orbs orbs on the road to nowhere orca orchestral orchestral notes ordinary org original saltair orion orton osprey osprey at dawn osprey transition osprey turning other other keywords other world sea ouch our beautiful great salt lake our dead sea our fair city our great salt lake our house our inland sea out at the lake out of control out of the top out of time out with the salt outdoor outdoors outside outsider over flow overcast overhead overlay overloaded overlook ozone p3 orion p3 orion aerial tanker retardant drop p40 p40 warhawk p51 p51 and f22 p51 mustang pacific pacific beach pacific coast highway pacific flyway pacific ocean paint paint brush paintbrush painted painting painting with light palace palace of fine arts pan panamapacific exposition. panel panic pano panorama panstarrs papilio rutulus parade parade of elephants paradise paradise found paranormal parched paris hilton park park avenue park city park city barn and fall colors park city icon parley's canyon pass passed passing passing storm passion past pastel pastel great salt lake pastel storm patch patch springs fire path path of least resistance paths patriarchs pave pave hawk pave low pavilion paw paw print payette payette river payette river rapids pch peace peace of mind peach peaches peak peaks pearched pebble beach peek peek a boo peep pelican pelican brief pelicans people people's peoples house perdition perfect perfectly perrine perrine bridge perrine bridge and snake river person personal personal bliss pests petra petra out on the salt petroglyph petroglyphs phantom phantom ii photo a day photo class photo illustration photoclass photograph photographing photography photosafari photoshoot photowalk utah hill air force base photowalk utah hill air force base group photowalking photowalking utah phragmites phragmites and sol pickleweed pickleweed great salt lake pictureline pier piers pigeons pile pilers pilers of wood at the edge of a dead sea pillars pine pine canyon pinecone pines pink pink water pink waves pinyon pipe pipe bridge piranha pirates place plane planes planet plant plants playa playground playing playing at the utah state capitol playing in ps. i like beer pleasant pleasant green cemetery pleasure plumbing plywood pod pod of goblins point point lobos point loma point of the spear poke pokey polarized polarized lakebottom polor polution pond pony pony express trail pony express trail faust hopper pool pools pop poping porcelain basin port positive post and dust storm post at great salt lake post card from the great salt lake postindustrial america posting posts pot potential potential potentiality potentiality pour power power house power sunset powerhouse pratt preceremony predator prehistoric preserve press pretty print prints processing plant project projet promising promontory mountains promontory point promontory summit promontory utah prophecy prophet proteus provo provo canyon provo river falls prowler psychedelic psychedelic camper pull pulled over my eyes pulling purple pw2000 pyrite pyrite point pyro quadrocopter quail quaking quaking aspen r44 rabbit rabbit brush rabbit brush and storm clouds rabbit brush and winter storm at the great salt lake rabbit brush at sunset rabbitbrush rabit rabitbrush race rachel rachel degn radiance of the seas radianceofthe rafael ragged ragged clouds ragged memory raging rail railroad railway rain rain spirits rain. sand rainbow rainbow bridge rainbow segments raindrops ram randy randy head range rapid rapids raptor raptor burn raptor butt raptor nose raptor rolling raptor turn rapture ravens ravens at sunrise arches national park utah raw file rays rays at great salt lake utah razar rb17g rc45j reach reach for the sky reaching ready ready set go ready to head back ready to storm reality really rebel rebel xt reborn reception recharged reckless recruit red red and blue red butte red butte fire red butte garden red fox red green blue red rock red rock castle red rock country red sea red sky at night red sky at night sailor's delight red sunset red water red wing black bird redbellied piranha redbull rededication reed reeds reflection reflection of joy reflection pass reflections refreshing refreshing the soul regiment remember remove republic reservoir resistance resort retardant retardant drop return returning returning home reunion reusable solid rocket motor revisited reworked ride ridges rio tinto ripple ripple vision ripple vision take 2 ripples ripples and the lake i love ripples on the beach rise rising rising souls rites river rivers riviera rld road road damage ahead road to nowhere road to ruin road trip robert robert smithson robin robinson robinson's robinson's r44 rock rock and roll rock and wave rock cairn rock stack great salt lake rocket rocks rocks and an island rocks and ripples rocks and salt rocks and salt great salt lake utah rocks at the great salt lake rocks called avalanche rockwall rockwall at sunset beach rockwell rockwell b1 lancer rocky rocky shore great salt lake rocky shores rocky stansbury island rokinon rokinon 14mm rokinon 14mm f2.8 rokinon 14mm f2.8 rokinon roller rollers rollers and teeth rolling rose rosecrestfire rotor rotorcraft rotors rotors of fury rotunda rough rozel rozel point rr rsrb rude rams ruin ruins rum rummy runaway running running around runup rupture rush rush valley rush valley 7.23.13 rush valley 7.23.13 storm clouds rush valley storms rush valley super pano 1 rushing rushing about rushing water rust rusted rusting rustling rustling leaf design rustlingleaf rustlingleafdesign rusty rusty cross ruture s curve s curve falls sacramento sacred sacred abyss sacred fence sacred geometry sacred magic sadness safari safe sage sage and lone peak sage brush sagebrush sail sail boat sailing sailing tumble weeds sailor's sailor's delight saint george saints sal salair salinity salt salt air area salt air posts salt and sand salt and stansbury island salt and the coming twilight salt and utah's red sea salt burns salt cave salt flats salt flats sunset salt formations salt formations great salt lake utah salt island salt islands salt lake salt lake astronomical society salt lake city salt lake city and county building salt lake city mormon temple salt lake city summer storm 7.15.13 salt lake county salt lake mormon temple salt lake stock and mining exchange salt lake sunset salt lake valley salt obsession salt pan salt water salt'shroom salt. saltair saltair burning down saltair iii saltair lightpainting saltair posts saltairpipedetail saltflats saltworks salty salty beach salty bush salty destiny salty goodness salty levels salty point salty reflections salty shoreline ripples salty sunset salvation same same old love san clemente san clemente pier san clemente pier at sunset san diego san francisco san francisco maritime national historical park san franciso san rafael san rafael swell san rafael swell in black and white. san rafael swell small planet sand sand bar sand bars at black rock beach sand boxes sand dunes sand it's coarse and it gets everywhere sand stone sandcastle sandstone sandstone arch sandy sandy utah santa sara saratoga springs satan save saves say scanning scar scare scene scenery scenic scenic byway schlumbergera school scott scott kelby scott kelby's worldwide photo walk magna scott m. matheson scott m. matheson courthouse scott stringham scottsdale screen sculpture sea sea gull sea weed sea world seagulls seal seal rocks seal rocks from point lobos search searching seas season seat seating second seconds secret secret illusion of vision secret of sky secret of something secret place secret thoughts secret's see seen seen better days segment segment of a moonbow segments sego sego lily senior trend sentiment sentimental sentimental journey sentimental journey side defence sentinel sentinel of bryce sentry separate light from darkness september september 11 september 11th summer storm september 27th 2015 september 28th september 28th lighting behind salt lake city utah september 7th 2013 serpent set set apart setting setting sun seven seven pillars seven pillars of wisdom severe weather sevier shade shades of gray shadow shadows shane shanty shanty canyon fire shape shard shards sharp sheep sheep rock shelter shift shimmering shiny shiny salvation ship shirts shirts rummy shock sholdiers sholdiers pass road shoot shooting shooting is now allowed shooting star shore shorelands shorelands preserve shoreline shores shoshone shoshone falls shoshone falls at twin falls idaho shoshone falls park shot should shout shout shout shout shout i'm talking to you come on show shroom shuttle booster test sick side side canyon sight sigma sikorsky sikorsky ch53e super stallion sikorsky hh60 pave hawk sikorsky mh53 pave low silence silence academy silent silent spirit silex silex pool silex spring silk silk visions silos silver silver beach silver lake silverlake silvery simple simple gifts simplify sims sing single single engine air tankers single engine air tankers seat sink sir sir topham hatt sirens sirens of the inland sea sit site situation six sixbarreled gatlingstyle rotary cannon skiwampus skull skull valley skull valley 180 skull vally submarine sky sky 2 sky gate skyhawk skyraider skys skyscrapers slc sleeping sleepy slice slick slick rock slick rock sunburst slick rock trail slumber sm62 sm62 snark smack smackdown small planet smart smashed smithson smoke smoke and salt smoke screen smoky smoky light on lds temple smugmug snake snark snb5p sneak sneak pass snow snow and red rock snow and red rock sunrise snow bird tram ride snow flake snowball snowbird snowy so far away so promising soaked soaring society socks softly soil sol sol invictus solar solar eclipse solar eclipse 05202012 solar halo and the devils garden soldiers soldiers pass soldiers pass road soldiers pass storm light solid rocket motor solitary solitude some someplace somethimes somethimes being in shelter still dont make you feel safe. something something. somewhere song soon sooo soot sorry soul soul's soul's lightning soul's spark souls souls of the obsession sounds swedish south south shore south side south valley summer storm southern utah southwest southwest airlines soviet union space space shuttle spark spark in the night sparks sparky spear spear family special spectacular speed speed week spider spider web spider web sunset spike spiked spilt spilt milk spin spinning spinning fire spiral spiral jetty spiral jetty labor day storm spiral jetty vortex of fire spiral lines spires spirit spirit of life spirits spirits in the dream spirits in the wild spirits of the voyagers splash splinter splinter city splinter factory splintered splintered sky spongebob spot spot light spot light of gold spot lighted brush along the shore. spot of green spot of light in the dark spotlight spots spotter spotting spring spring arrived today spring flowers spring on stansbury spring snow spring storm spring storm 4114 spring storm salt lake city spring storm stansbury mountains springs sps squadron squal squall squall line square squaw squaw peak squaw peak overlook sr71 sr71 blackbird srb st. george st. george utah mormon temple stack stacked stacking staged stalks stallion stand your ground standby standing standing tall stands stansbury stansbury and galactic center point stansbury fire stansbury fire scar stansbury grabber stansbury island stansbury island all a glow stansbury island claret cup cactus stansbury island claret cup cactus with sunset stansbury island from afar stansbury island hit stansbury island lighting storm stansbury island rocks stansbury island salt formations stansbury island sunset stansbury island trail stansbury land of salt stansbury mountains stansbury mountains lightning storm stansbury petroglyphs stansbury post stansbury rabbit brush stansbury rock crain stansbury sunset star star trails star trek star wars star watching starlings stars stars and traffic start state state's states static static charge station stay awake just to hear you breathing staying stays steal steal the sky stealth stealth attack aircraft stealth bomber steam stearman steel steel wool step steps stick stick and cyotie tracks sticks still still life camera stock stock and mining exchange stockton stone stone circle stoned stoned at the great salt lake stoner stones stop stop stealing stopped storm storm and lupine storm at sunset storm behind and over stansbury island storm clouds storm clouds over antelope island storm july 15th 2013 storm light storm light sunset storm tracking storms storms a brewing stormy stormy great salt lake stowe stowe lake strange strange confluence stranger strato stratofortress stratojet stratotanker strawberry strawberry blooms stream street strike strike eagle stringham stroll stromatolite stromatolite field stromatolites strong knob strongknob strongs strongs knob stubbed my toe stuck stuck tumbleweed stuff stump stumped stunning submarine successful successful movement suck sucking sugar house suggest summer summer flowers albion basin summer rain on the lakeside mountains summer storm summer storm 8.26.14 summer storm august 27th 2011 summer storm from wheat field summer storm great salt lake summer storm on mars summer storm over salt lake city summer storm over the great salt lake summer storm rush valley summer storms summer storms are my favorite summer storms in utah sun sun dog sun kissed sunburst sunday sunday morning church albion basin sundial sundog sundog and crazy wave clouds sunflower sunflower and storm sunflowers sunkiss sunlight sunlights sunlights last kiss sunny day sunrift sunrift gorge sunrise sunrise mesa arch suns sunsest sunset sunset 3.25.14 sunset 4613 sunset at bryce canyon sunset at pyrite point sunset at sunset beach sunset beach sunset beach great salt lake sunset cliffs sunset great salt lake sunset point sunset stroll sunshine super super hornet super stallion supermoon supermoon and lone peak surf surface surfing sutro sutro baths swan swell swinging t33 take take off tamron team temple temple mountain temple mountain sunrise temple of the birds temple of the birds lightning temple of the dragonfly temple of the mosquito temple square test than that the cases have previously flown on the space shuttle the drive down the end is nigh the fallen the great hunt the great salt lake the great salt lake shorelands preserve the great saltair iii the lantern fest the lost sky the most incredible thing i have ever seen the old ford the peoples work the rock the thorn's courage the wedge there they are watching thing things think this this is the place this is the place heritage park thistle thor's thoughts thunder thunder over utah thunder storm thunderbird thunderbirds thunderstorm thursday thursday february 25 2010 tigger tilt tiltshift time times timpie springs timpie springs waterfowl management area to fly one last time toned too tooele top torrey torrey pines touch tough tour towards tower towers track track hoe tracks trail trailhead train tram transforms transition traverse tree trees trip trip to california trip to montana trip to nevada truck truss arch truss arch fourlane bridge tufa tumble tumble weed tumbleweed tumbling turn turn and burn turret turret arch turret arch and the north window turret arch sunburst twilight twin twin falls twin peaks twinengine twinengine helicopter two u.s. air force u.s. army u.s. national park service u.s. navy u.s.s. u.s.s. flint u42 uh60 uh72 uinta uintawasatchcache uintawasatchcache national forest unified fire authority union union pacific union station unit unit 13 united states air force united states marine corps helicopter squadron university university of utah hospital upon upper colorado upward urban exploration us navy usa uss ut ut42 utah utah 111 utah capital utah capitol utah capitol salt lake city utah lake utah photo safari 23 utah state capital utah state capitol utah's utfire utphotosafari23 uttr uu60 v22 valley veil venus venus and mercury vertarama vertorama very good night viper viper west virga vision vmm161 vought vought f4u corsair voyagers waiting waiting for the storm walk wall wandering war warhawk warm warm light warm tones warriors over the wasatch was wasatch wasatch front wasatch national forest wasatch range watch water water comes in water goes out you cant explain that water fall waterfall waterfalls waterfowl management area waters wave waves way weather weathered weathered wood wedge weed weekly wendover wendover air show west west government creek fire west thumb west valley city western western tiger swallowtail western traverse mountains wet what what was its name wheat wheeler peak white whitney wild wild fire wild horse wild horses wildlife will wind window windows section windy wing winter winter solstice winter storm wood wooden wooly words works world world heritage world war ii worldwide wrathall wrathall pass ww2 wwii wyoming xt xt9999 yard year years yellow yellowstone yellowstone national park yellowstone park you your zoo